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🌇The romantic sunset of 💘Valentine’s Day in Malaga💘 | special for you🧡

San Valentín Málaga 2022

Sunset of Malaga in the Baños del Carmen and the Mirador del Gibralfaro

One of the most romantic walks that we can experience in this city is to walk with the sunset watching the waves in the background. In the Baños del Carmen we can enjoy drinking something cool, since it is one of the most picturesque places in the city.

We can also find the Mirador de Gibralfaro relatively close, which is next to the historic center. Another romantic place to watch the sunset and enjoy the landscape that it gives us as a couple.


Walk through the historic center and its romantic streets

If we want to see the most dreamy side of the streets of the city of La Costa del Sol, we will have to go to Calle Larios where we can enjoy a beautiful panorama and the music that the artists that we will meet give us.

It is also essential for that trip as a couple to take the air in love through Alcazabilla street where we will also see innumerable artists giving us that ideal moment that can be lived in this city accompanied by the Roman theater.


The magic continues and does not end on February 14

Classical music is one of the best companions when it comes to love. And if in addition, we can have an accompanying atmosphere like candlelight and the company of our partner, what more can we ask for.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day a few days later will be worth it with the  concerts offered by Candlelight . On Thursday, February 17, you can enjoy the classical music of great composers such as Tchaikovsky and his Nutcracker and the performance of a ballet dancer in the  María Cristina Concert Hall . On February 18, also in the Sala María Cristina, there will be a concert with the best of the composer Joe Hisaishi and a tribute concert to Ed Sheeran.


Let’s not forget the route through the terraces of Malaga

The terraces of the city can be very romantic if we know where to go. We cannot forget the terrace of the Malaga Palacio hotel with which we can enjoy the port of Malaga and contemplate the sea.

We also have La Terra de la Alcazaba which has a chill-out in the Alcazaba Premium Hostel .

In this setting we can see the Alcazaba, the Roman theater and the Gibralfaro Castle. Being specialists in cocktails, let’s not forget to have a drink and disconnect with our partner in the most southern style.

Disconnect and enjoy your partner. Leave your bags with us, and tell us about your experience!

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