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👉Three things that Malaga has for you | January 2021👈

Dejar Maletas en Málaga y tomarse una torta o pasear por el Muelle Uno

The port of Malaga, or more specifically Muelle Uno, offers many plans throughout the year. We had already talked about what it offers, especially at Christmas, and now it’s time to talk about what we can do in this place in January thanks to the temperatures that we can enjoy on the Costa del Sol.

The most outstanding activity this month is the Sunset Cruise and dinner in the port. This is how we can make the most of our afternoon in Malaga without suitcases. Have a drink on a catamaran and relax on its deck thanks to these temperatures that tend to be between 17ºC and 20ºC during this month at twilight. A truly unique moment.

Observing how the sun hides behind the mountains while you sail will become a unique experience. After this activity, the best thing is to walk around the bay at dusk and taste the appetizers that we can find in the wide variety of restaurants that we will find on the walk.

In El Muelle Uno you can watch the sunset enjoying a catamaran and stroll enjoying the twilight

Another of the moments that this climate gives us is being able to get some fresh air while we walk through the historic center and thus taste the well-known chestnuts of Malaga. Since the end of October we can find it but it is undoubtedly at this time that it is appreciated thanks to the fact that it is not too hot or too cold.

Andalusian desserts that you may not know, the typical “Tarta Loca” from Malaga

One of the riches that we can find is gastronomy. This Andalusian specialty extends to confectionery, full of varieties of desserts and sweets that find in tradition a sure success that you should not miss during your visit. Influenced by Andalusian cuisine , many of these snacks have products from their legacy such as honey, nuts or almonds as the main ingredient.

The best known are undoubtedly the “Crazy Cakes”. It basically consists of two discs of puff pastry with pastry cream, an orange glaze and a cherry. These are the components of the famous loca, another of the sweets that are most identified with the city of Malaga.


Traveler friend, have you already been on a catamaran on the Costa del Sol? Or have you already taken your “Loca”? Come to bagscare and we will tell you which are the best places in Malaga so you can have a complete visit!

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