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Malaga offers endless activities for travelers. From having breakfast in the most typical places, its well-known mixed smurf or churros from Malaga, to enjoying museums and activities. One of the most outstanding routes in the historic center of the city is to stroll through its streets following the cane and tapas route. You can stop...
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Deja tu equipaje en Málaga y vive la ciudad
In this post we make a recommendation on how you can enjoy Malaga without your suitcase and live the best of experiences. Malaga is a privileged city as it has ideal temperatures throughout the year and even more so now that the summer season is approaching. The degrees that you experience these days are around...
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Que hace en málaga este fin de semana
In the middle of spring, Malaga offers us an ideal temperature to enjoy and walk through its streets in the historic center. If you like to drink coffee, enjoy the terrace and the sun, do not hesitate and walk down Calle Alcazabilla. In this street you will find the albéniz cinema that offers us an...
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San Valentín Málaga 2022
Sunset of Malaga in the Baños del Carmen and the Mirador del Gibralfaro One of the most romantic walks that we can experience in this city is to walk with the sunset watching the waves in the background. In the Baños del Carmen we can enjoy drinking something cool, since it is one of the...
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Nada como dejar tus maletas y disfrutar de Malaga
Malaga has always been distinguished by the sun and its temperatures to such a level that Google wants to install its security headquarters here thanks to a day of enjoyment at Muelle Uno under the ocas. But also. The capital of Malaga has more to offer than everything that we are capable of enjoying with...
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Dejar Maletas en Málaga y tomarse una torta o pasear por el Muelle Uno
The port of Malaga, or more specifically Muelle Uno, offers many plans throughout the year. We had already talked about what it offers, especially at Christmas, and now it’s time to talk about what we can do in this place in January thanks to the temperatures that we can enjoy on the Costa del Sol....
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Navidad 2021 María Zambrano Málaga
Malaga once again welcomes the pleasant arrival of our relatives. Our city is once again a motivating scene of endearing encounter these holidays despite the covid . Just before the end of the year, the train station received numerous visits as it could not be otherwise these days. Once the night of the end of...
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Belénes Málaga 2021
Malaga is known for having a great variety of leisure activities for young people and also for going with the family. In this diverse catalog, we can find extraordinary nativity scenes to enjoy as a family with the smallest of the house that we will find in the streets of the historic center of Malaga....
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Donde desayunar en Málaga
Malaga has a great middle class of bars for breakfast in the historic center. From typical breakfasts with churritos and cheers to the most famous Malagueño Smurf, there are several cafeterias for less than 5 euros that are accessible and have varied breakfasts of the day to repeat visits as many times as we want....
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