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Puerto Málaga en Enero
Malaga enjoys very good temperatures throughout the year but it is now when we begin to notice the small breezes of sun spread on different days. Perhaps it is not yet possible to take the first baths of the year, but what we can do is to walk along the beach enjoying the first rays...
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Arbol encantado
So is! Traveler friend, not all are the street lights Larios and the nativity scenes of Malaga, there is a lot of magic to be found on the Costa del Sol, and today, we leave you some clues. In the main Alameda we can find a tree, whose work it hides behind, is already magical....
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Belenes en Málaga 2019
The Christmas lights of Larios Street give us the starting signal for the inauguration of the nativity scenes of the city that are usually open to the public during these days. The municipality of Malaga has published a very complete guide of the nativity scenes so that we do not lose detail. In this guide...
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Noticia navidad calle Larios 2019
Hello!!! Traveler friend. We are in November, and you know where to leave your suitcase . As Christmas approaches every year and we already notice that nearby environment full of lights and endearing figurines. This year, the “beloved Larios street”, will wear another year of lights and music in the most Christmas style. This time...
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Traveler friend. One more year we are in November, in autumn, one of the ideal months to make a “little escape” weekend. As always in bagscare, we like to differentiate ourselves by being your trusted place to leave luggage, and enjoy our city without problems. Therefore, we leave you with the highlights so you can...
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Pasea en bicicleta por Málaga con bagscare
As expected in Malaga, we still have authentic temperatures ideal to enjoy our city and its historic center. It is already autumn and we see how in many other places the calamities are suffering like storms and floods. Therefore, we know that in Malaga we have an authentic oasis in terms of climate. In bagscare...
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September has already begun and there are many who return from the holidays and as a result back to the routine. But others, on the other hand, begin their rest now. This is an ideal month to visit Malaga, and so we show you what to visit so that in these dates you have a...
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Feria de Málaga 2019
Again the expected fair of Malaga returns with us. Fair that many are looking forward to and that makes tourists and travelers return to “La bella” to enjoy once again the smell of horses walking like gentlemen advancing elegantly through its streets of the “El Real” enclosure. We can hear how the speakers of the...
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Touris information bike
We have already talked about many interesting points that Malaga has to be able to explore when we are on vacation. One of our most demanded services is to be able to walk through the historical center by bicycle, also, along the promenade of La Malagueta and to be able to go down to the...
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