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Calle Larios overflows because of the good weather

When we talk about visiting the Costa del Sol , we always recommend different places in Malaga that you can go to visit for a pleasant walk.

Among them is, how could it be less, the beautiful Larios street, a meeting point for tourists and Malaga.

Larios is becoming one of the most visited streets in Spain and is in sight, which is reflected in the following news.

We can see how in the newspaper “Málaga Hoy” they show us a curious fact about this busy route.

Receive daily nothing more and nothing less than 40,000 visitors. It is true that 20% of them are tourists , which is not a figure to be taken lightly.

These visitors usually walk through this race between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and thus take full advantage of the hot hours on this road.

There are many stories that we have been able to contemplate on this walk. It has been a place where carnivals have shown the most humorous face of this city, and it has made us dance to the passing of Christmas carols , we have also witnessed how they dressed up to receive saints and virgins in their processions, and their foundations have not trembled or A moment to delight in the red carpet parades at the Malaga film festival .

It is not surprising that it has become one of the best and busiest streets in Spain.

All this accompanied by the good weather that accompanies the Costa del Sol , is why we strongly recommend you to take a walk through it and enjoy the places that we can find to have a drink or continue living interesting stories.

Traveling friend: Have you strolled through this journey enjoying your Christmas carols? The film festival is approaching Are you ready to leave your bags and dress up with our Larios?


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