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The SARS-COV-2 virus, or commonly called the ” coronavirus “, first appeared in Wuhan (Hubei, China) in December 2019. Since then it has been spreading, causing a global pandemic. This virus causes respiratory infections to those infected, its transmission is very fast and we are already experiencing its worst predictions in Spain. As its transmission...
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When we talk about visiting the Costa del Sol , we always recommend different places in Malaga that you can go to visit for a pleasant walk. Among them is, how could it be less, the beautiful Larios street, a meeting point for tourists and Malaga. Larios is becoming one of the most visited streets...
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Dejar las maletas en Málaga en san valentín
Day Saint Valentine is a very special day for many. Whether we have a partner or not, it is a time to take advantage and stay with someone special to enjoy sharing this little break together that we can take on this appointed day. When we talk about Valentine’s Day and Malaga, many places can...
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Málaga Los Goya 2020
Only 5 days ago we were lucky enough to host a gala as important as the Goya 2020. Although we experience heavy rains that are not typical of Andalusia, that has not prevented us from receiving such a great honor with the best of illusions, and dressing our “José María Martín Carpena”, in a suit...
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Noticia navidad calle Larios 2019
Hello!!! Traveler friend. We are in November, and you know where to leave your suitcase . As Christmas approaches every year and we already notice that nearby environment full of lights and endearing figurines. This year, the “beloved Larios street”, will wear another year of lights and music in the most Christmas style. This time...
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Feria de Málaga 2019
Again the expected fair of Malaga returns with us. Fair that many are looking forward to and that makes tourists and travelers return to “La bella” to enjoy once again the smell of horses walking like gentlemen advancing elegantly through its streets of the “El Real” enclosure. We can hear how the speakers of the...
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Málaga is preparing for the good weather and what is promised is debt! Málaga is ready for the beach. The temperatures rise, that of the city in general and that of the sea water. More and more people are coming to the coast of the sun, every time more people are seen on the beach:...
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Baggage for one place and another, this the problem of traveling, we must carry all those essential things to spend a comfortable and pleasant stay. Our baggage can also increase if we decide to buy more things at our destination, making our luggage larger and consequently more inconvenient to transport it. When it comes to...
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Suitcases: BagsCare is a suitcases Luggage Storage in the historic center of Malaga, suitcases are our specialty, here you can leave your bags without any problems, we are an open Luggage Storage with what if you forget something you can go back to pick it up without having to pay no extra. Your cabin bag...
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Locker is not as complete as a Luggage Storage, I say it because in a locker you can not save everything, in BagsCare you can leave from a computer to a bicycle or a surfboard. A locker has limitations that we do not have.Our customers can leave everything in our Storage, they can also return...
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BagsCare luggage storage

Whether you are for work, shopping or holidays at BagsCare you will have your baggage storage in the center, so you can take advantage of your stay in the city of Malaga.