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Baggage for one place and another, this the problem of traveling, we must carry all those essential things to spend a comfortable and pleasant stay. Our baggage can also increase if we decide to buy more things at our destination, making our luggage larger and consequently more inconvenient to transport it. When it comes to...
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Suitcases: BagsCare is a suitcases Luggage Storage in the historic center of Malaga, suitcases are our specialty, here you can leave your bags without any problems, we are an open Luggage Storage with what if you forget something you can go back to pick it up without having to pay no extra. Your cabin bag...
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Locker is not as complete as a Luggage Storage, I say it because in a locker you can not save everything, in BagsCare you can leave from a computer to a bicycle or a surfboard. A locker has limitations that we do not have.Our customers can leave everything in our Storage, they can also return...
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somos-consigna-luggage storage-we are
We are a company of baggage storage and bicycle rental in the Historic Center of Malaga.Also entrepreneurs who came up with this idea and after having been open for 2 months we have seen that we have not been the only ones. Despite having other Consigna businesses what we have clear is that we are...
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Not only save, we aspire to more. Save is not the only goal, first we want to store suitcases in an environment that pleases, save is not enough, we must take care of your luggage, you can forget something and nothing happens, you go back to BagsCare and pick it up without inconvenience and without...
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BagsCare Luggage Storage in the center of Málaga. Luggage storage is luggage storage, that is, we deposit our luggage in a safe and accessible place and then pick it up again. Our Luggage Storage is “Custody”, so that when you leave  your luggage, it must be guarded, guarded by people who are awaiting your safety....
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equipaje en Bagscare
You can not travel without luggage Luggage: Equipment or set of things that a person carries with him when he travels or moves from one place to another. When we travel and depending on the number of days we are away from home we have to make the decision of how much luggage we are...
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BagsCare luggage storage

Whether you are for work, shopping or holidays at BagsCare you will have your baggage storage in the center, so you can take advantage of your stay in the city of Malaga.