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Belenes en Málaga 2019
The Christmas lights of Larios Street give us the starting signal for the inauguration of the nativity scenes of the city that are usually open to the public during these days. The municipality of Malaga has published a very complete guide of the nativity scenes so that we do not lose detail. In this guide...
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Traveler is that person who travels to know new landscapes and new cultures. When we travel there are places that we like more than others. Malaga likes any traveler, here we have everything you need to spend unforgettable moments, we have climate, culture, cuisine and above all wonderful people who know how to welcome the...
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Leaving your suitcase in our agency is sure to walk through the historic center of Malaga without charges and also with the peace of mind that your suitcase is taken care of and insured. In BagsCare luggage storage we make sure that not only do not worry about your suitcase but also if you have...
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There is nothing better than going light luggage, having your hands free to drink a good wine in the Pimpi or if it is soon churros in Casa Aranda. Stroll along Muelle Uno, see the boats and have a snack on a terrace accompanied by your friends or family without carrying anything to drag (move...
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Caring for luggage is not keeping bags. At BagsCare we take care of your luggage, we see it, we are at your side. Our agency not only cares luggage, we also make transfers, rent bicycles, recharge your mobile and your cards, we also recharge and have EMT cards, we offer shows, tickets to museums, excursions,...
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turismo con bagscare
When we travel we always carry the most essential in our suitcase, usually we do not invoice for what our house, that is, what we take is a cabin suitcase to be able to travel with her by our side. Our suitcase is essential for us, in it we carry the different “skins” with which...
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Maletas en malaga
Walk without suitcases Now traveling is easier, flights are cheap, destinations in general are more prepared for the traveler.We at BagsCare have understood that visitor services are essential to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the city without suitcases. Our luggage storage, Luggage Storage, offers the traveler the first or last moments without luggage and...
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paraiso Costa del Sol
Hello to all travelers and travelers, I am not born in Malaga, I came to this city to study economics and I was stuck here because of its climate and its people. As I have many people from all over the world who have decided to settle in this wonderful area of ​​Spain full of...
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Alquiler bicicletas Málaga centro
When we travel our mind and our eyes must be open because we are going to see and feel things that in our usual place we do not see or feel. Whenever we arrive at a new destination we leave our luggage and we launch ourselves to discover previously unvisited landscapes. But, what happens if...
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BagsCare luggage storage

Whether you are for work, shopping or holidays at BagsCare you will have your baggage storage in the center, so you can take advantage of your stay in the city of Malaga.