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In Malaga the days dedicated to culture and festivity do not end. We are talking in this case of the Noche en Blanco, a cultural event born in Paris in 2002 and that after its success has been extended to European cities, and of course, Málaga was not going to be less. In this special...
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Semana Santa Málaga
Holy Week in Malaga, you can not miss it Holy Week from April 14 to 21 One more year will not be another week, Holy Week comes to Malaga full of hope for all the people of Malaga and Malaga and the people who come from abroad to see it for what it is: something...
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Tiempo de Málaga
  We are at the beginning of April and you can see people on the beach of Misericordia enjoying the city, its time, its beach. On this occasion we focus on a group of young people who play beach volleyball with music and a lot of progress. On the waterfront, more and more people are...
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mariposa en primavera
From larva to butterfly. Butterflies flying downwind, butterflies everywhere. The field is full of butterflies. This weekend I’ve been to Riogordo and nature is a spectacle. Flowers, many flowers, butterfly everywhere, white, yellow, of all colors. I have spent a weekend with family and friends and we have all been surprised by what we have...
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guardar maletas malaga centro
Traveling is better with friends or in pairs, but with friends everything is more fun. When we decide to take a trip, the first thing we do is look at our pockets, ja, ja, this is the most important thing, since we must plan our trip according to our budget. Traveling is wonderful, knowing new...
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Picasso, the Malaga artist with the most prestige. Picasso was born in Malaga on October 25, 1881 at number 15 of the Plaza de la Merced, where the Museum House and the Foundation are currently located. His father José Ruiz, who was a professor of drawing at the School of Arts and crafts “San Telmo”...
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