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Where to have breakfast in Malaga Center

Malaga has a great middle class of bars for breakfast in the historic center. From typical breakfasts with churritos and cheers to the most famous Malagueño Smurf, there are several cafeterias for less than 5 euros that are accessible and have varied breakfasts of the day to repeat visits as many times as we want. The only difficult thing is deciding which one we are going to go to. Or do we try with all traveling friends?

The  Malaga gastronomy is rich in variety and products from churritos, batons to the legendary Pitufo Malaguño.

As we know that you are already salivating, starting with our nearby cafes where to eat in Malaga .

Churrería La Malagueña : Churros, porras and sandwiches. Everything fast and delicious.

Casa Aranda : another classic in the city center, opened in 1932, it is a good place to enjoy chocolate and churros.
Renowned writers and journalists have come together here to fix the world.

Café Madrid : Its eighties atmosphere takes us to a comfortable and warm place where we can enjoy churros in the most typical Madrileño style.

Bella Julieta : it has a succulent menu in which the homemade cakes, waffles, baggels or its attractive variety of breads stand out, as well as natural juices and smoothies.

La Recova : it is like moving to a remote town. A refuge in the historic center of Malaga that makes us live an ancient experience. One price detail is the wicker baskets.

November : Its decoration takes us quickly to Bali and Indonesia. Its Caribbean airs make us enjoy even more these pleasant temperatures in Malaga.

Café con Libros : a place where, without a doubt, the smallest and most sweet of the house will be able to have breakfast and have a snack with enthusiasm in this establishment with the charm of a bookstore.

Traveler Friend, Dare to have breakfast with enthusiasm in the characteristic corners of Malaga, and you, are you a smurf or churritos?

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