Enjoy December in Malaga with its nativity scene route

Malaga is known for having a great variety of leisure activities for young people and also for going with the family. In this diverse catalog, we can find extraordinary nativity scenes to enjoy as a family with the smallest of the house that we will find in the streets of the historic center of Malaga. A fun and very Christmas route to do in company.

These traditional stages form an approximate number of more than 57 assemblies. One of the points that we most often recommend to our traveling friends is to go to the typical brotherhoods of Malaga and thus, we will not only delight ourselves with this party and family atmosphere, but it will also make us remember what is coming soon.

The Malaga city council exhibits its traditional nativity scene but it is also important not to forget the brotherhoods of Malaga.

Diariosur offers us a list of where to visit them to take advantage of a good weekend of Christmas with the family. There is also the portal “ museodebelenes.com ” where we find the international museum of Nativity Scene Art. This portal has been offering us routes for more than 10 years to carry out in these beloved times.

In Malaga we have several digital media where you can see the nativity scene route such as Diariosur and the International Museum of Nativity Scene Art!

In this portal we will not only see which are the representations to which we can choose, but it also helps us to plan it by showing us schedules, routes and prices. Now all you have to do is decide if you prefer to see sets mounted outdoors or indoors.


Traveler friend, how many nativity scenes have you seen this year? Have you had time to see them all? Have you seen this year’s light show?


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