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February in Malaga and its walks on the Costa del Sol

Málaga Los Goya 2020

Only 5 days ago we were lucky enough to host a gala as important as the Goya 2020.

Although we experience heavy rains that are not typical of Andalusia, that has not prevented us from receiving such a great honor with the best of illusions, and dressing our “José María Martín Carpena”, in a suit and delight in that pleasant time it offers us Spanish cinema

Malaga grows at times offering interesting places to visit for anyone who needs a sneaker, looking for shelter in the rise of thermometers that we will begin to experience from the beginning of February.

This is the month in which Malaga began to notice the temperature difference. The sun begins to rise and we can disconnect thanks to long walks on the Costa de Sol.

The average temperatures are usually around 15ºC to 23ºC during the hours of sun although in their absence they can go down to 8ºC. This month in the northernmost cities can still be seen, covered with snow and cold, while our coasts are ideal for weekend trips to those places as close to the Mediterranean Sea as Pier One or even the promenade of the Park.

Based on other years we can confirm that in this month the average of luvia is not more than 5 days without being consecutive. We also have that the temperature rises exponentially and thus extinguishing the possibility of water during these days.

If you have the opportunity to be in the city at the end of the month do not forget to bring the swimsuit since, although the water is still a bit cold, it is not uncommon to see tourists enjoying beach days.

For the most prevented, we recommend spring clothes supported with a coat for the coldest nights.


If you have the desire to attend “Los Goyas 2020” do not worry, because soon the Spanish film festival will be with us. Book your slogan now and feel free at the next cinematography show!

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