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Holy Week in Málalga, you can not miss it …

Semana Santa Málaga

Holy Week in Malaga, you can not miss it

Holy Week from April 14 to 21

One more year will not be another week, Holy Week comes to Malaga full of hope for all the people of Malaga and Malaga and the people who come from abroad to see it for what it is: something unique in the world.

The capirotes return, the smell of incense, the wax of the candles stuck on the asphalt, the hairs come back for religious reasons, they return the streets of the center of the city to be full of people wishing to see their Christ or their Virgin, wishing to make a wish, make a promise, return the measured steps, the bearers, the shoulder pains the next day.

The  Holy Weeks  of Cuenca, Malaga, Seville and Valladolid were the first four declared of International Tourist Interest, in 1980.

And it is precisely in Malaga where there are some of the most spectacular processions in Spain according to this website: http://www.expreso.info/destinos/edicion_limitada/31888_las_10_procesiones_mas_espectaculares_de_la_semana_santa_en_espana

The Captive, The Legionaries, The Virgin of Sorrows are just some examples.

Last year the city had a new record of tourists in the first days of this week according to Malagahoy https://www.malagahoy.es/malaga/New-turists-Malaga-Semana-Santa_0_1231377153.html

And as we have already commented on other occasions, tourism companies are increasingly working more and better so that more than 1.3 million tourists each year can enjoy it.

For this and much more, Malaga is among the five tourist destinations of Holy Week, according to DiarioSur https://www.diariosur.es/turismo/malaga-cinco-destinos-20190327094157-nt.html

Do you want to enjoy it? What prevents you?

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