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Leave your luggage in Malaga and enjoy the January sun

Puerto Málaga en Enero

Malaga enjoys very good temperatures throughout the year but it is now when we begin to notice the small breezes of sun spread on different days.

Perhaps it is not yet possible to take the first baths of the year, but what we can do is to walk along the beach enjoying the first rays that spring will soon bring, leaving the coat at home.

In January at the beginning of the day at dawn we will still experience a little cold. This will be solved as the day goes by reaching temperatures almost 20 degrees in the afternoon.

Do you want to know the recommended activities when we store your luggage? 

One of our options that we value best is to walk through the port and the pier one , and even rent a boat ride, since while in other countries and areas they find the sea enraged these days, in Malaga it is possible to enjoy a Departure through the Atlantic Ocean.

It is also good to know that you can count on so many Arab baths that exist in Malaga and spas to be able to relax for the last time on the Costa del Sol before leaving it. We leave you the link of the ” MálagaWeb” page , where we can find a very well prepared list about the baths and spa that we can visit in the historic center.

We can not make a list of recommendations to make on the Costa del Sol without mentioning that it is possible to walk, have a cool drink and make the last purchases before going to outdoor shopping centers to enjoy these ideal temperatures as in the Plaza Mayor.


We hope as always that you serve the recommendations for this precious month of January and see you soon, traveling friend.

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