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Leaving your luggage in Malaga and enjoying Valentine’s Day, it’s that easy …

Dejar las maletas en Málaga en san valentín

Day Saint Valentine is a very special day for many.

Whether we have a partner or not, it is a time to take advantage and stay with someone special to enjoy sharing this little break together that we can take on this appointed day.

When we talk about Valentine’s Day and Malaga, many places can arise that we can attend with our partner and have a romantic time . A small time-share with someone can become medicinal and this day serves to remind us that it is good to disconnect with someone and share a little time.

The Costa del Sol gives us sunsets that we cannot see in another part of Spain. Where to see these precious sunsets ?. Well, we are going to show you several ideas to disconnect and feel that connection with our partner, having a beer or taking a walk. This is the month when temperatures start to fall so walking or having a drink to get to the night is nice.

  1. We can go to Baños del Carmen, enjoy these temperatures so good that we already begin to appreciate and relax with the sound of the waves against the rocks.

  2. There are boat trips that we can take from Pier One and enjoy a small march by the sea, in the light of the sunset, and get lost with our imagination in the immensity of the ocean.

  3. This day is an ideal time to visit the botanical garden. Its corners have been part of movies and beautiful love stories.

  4. One of the best places that this city can give us is the Gibralfaro viewpoint, where we can have a drink and get carried away until dusk and something cool.

Do you have anywhere else in mind? Leave us your bags and tell us about your most romantic places in Malaga.


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