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Locker is not the same as a Luggage Storage


Locker is not as complete as a Luggage Storage, I say it because in a locker you can not save everything, in BagsCare you can leave from a computer to a bicycle or a surfboard. A locker has limitations that we do not have.Our customers can leave everything in our Storage, they can also return at any time if they forget something to catch it and without any cost, you can leave just one suitcase and you do not have to pay as if you left 3. A locker is not the same as a deposit, that is why at BagsCare we are more open and our clients can leave whatever they want. We also have the long stay service and from € 1 a day you can leave here what you do not need in a long period of time. We also offer you other services that you will not find in a locker like washing clothes or renting a bicycle. We also offer that you can print your boarding pass and also very important from our point of view that when you pick up your bags at BagsCare Luggage Storage you can go by taxi from our door to the airport. All this can be done in our facilities because the treatment is personal, there are people who cater to you and satisfy your needs. All this can not be found in a locker, BagsCare Luggage Storage is more than just a locker. Now comes the good weather and the streets of Malaga are filled with visitors who come to enjoy our city and our beaches. People who hope to find services that will help them to spend their vacations without missing all those things that allow them to spend unforgettable days. BagsCare is not a locker, it is more, here you can meet most of the needs you need when you are away from home. Leave your luggage at BagsCare and you will see that everything will go better, we are in the Historical Center of Malaga, the situation is perfect to leave your luggage and enjoy the city, its Museums, its terraces, its squares. We will wait for you!

BagsCare Luggage Storage

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