Storage for suitcases in the center of Malaga for all of you

BagsCare Luggage Storage in the center of Málaga.

Luggage storage is luggage storage, that is, we deposit our luggage in a safe and accessible place and then pick it up again. Our Luggage Storage is “Custody”, so that when you leave  your luggage, it must be guarded, guarded by people who are awaiting your safety. Saving suitcases is not the same as “CARING FOR SUITCASES”. Our Luggage Storage is an open Luggage Storage, here we are waiting for your luggage we see it. Also your luggage is not mixed with other luggage but each one has its own shelf as you will see in the receipt that is given to you when you leave your suitcase. You do not need to throw coins anywhere, you pay first when you pick up your suitcase, then you can pay as you wish, in cash, with coins or bills or with a credit card.

Our Luggage Storage has more services.

We not only take care of your luggage, but also because you are our client you have at your disposal, charge your mobile phone, Wifi, you can print your boarding pass, weigh your suitcase and all this TOTALLY FREE.We also have tickets for all kinds of museums, trips, shows that you can buy through our WEB page

We rent normal bicycles, electric skates and hoverboards. We make the transfer to the airport from our own door (you collect your bags and in the same door you wait for Constantino to take you to the airport).

You can also plasticize your suitcase and charge your national or international mobile card. You can wash and dry your clothes. Our Luggage Storage is open and plural, our goal is that in our space you have all the necessary services to make your stay in our city as pleasant as possible. We know that there are other sites but we are also clear that our aesthetics, our service, our location (in the center of the Historic Center) and our strength will make us competitive and we will have our customers satisfied and this is the most important thing for us. I forgot, for you, owners of tourist apartments we also offer the service of CHECK-IN in case you need at some time.

BagsCare Luggage Storage

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