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Málaga prepares for good weather

Málaga is preparing for the good weather and what is promised is debt! Málaga is ready for the beach. The temperatures rise, that of the city in general and that of the sea water. More and more people are coming to the coast of the sun, every time more people are seen on the beach: playing volleyball , sunbathing, even bathing.

The water may still be somewhat cold, but do not say that you do not want a bath !?

These days, in addition to high temperatures, left the Night in White, a Saturday with a lot of activities that people from all countries took advantage of in the best possible way. As we always say from ” https://bagscare.es/ ” safely and with the best of smiles.

A good opportunity, like any other to store your bags, do not worry and come to ” https://bagscare.es/ ” to discover the activities that we have prepared for you such as bicycle rental and tourism in the historic center of Malaga.

Join the activities of the city, more and more and better, we multiply the excuses to come to Malaga.

And you? , What is your passion? Come and share it with us.

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