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Save, not in addition to saving, caring and other services

Not only save, we aspire to more.

Save is not the only goal, first we want to store suitcases in an environment that pleases, save is not enough, we must take care of your luggage, you can forget something and nothing happens, you go back to BagsCare and pick it up without inconvenience and without paying nothing. You can also charge your mobile, you can weigh your suitcase, wash and dry your clothes, just the one you carry in your cabin bag. In BagsCare we not only want to keep suitcases, we believe that we must also offer the traveler more services, if you leave your baggage in BagsCare when you pick it up you can wait for a taxi at the door that takes you to the airport or if you want you can buy it right here your bus ticket for just € 3 will take you to your plane. It is not only about keeping suitcases you have to do something else, you have to have more services, at BagsCare you can rent conventional bicycles and also electric skates, it’s not just a simpleLuggage Storage, it’s about being THE LUGGAGE STORAGE, or as it says the magazine EL OBSERVADOR, “The Reception of this Great Hotel that is Malaga”. We also recharge your mobile card wherever you are and sell through www.bagscaresacatuentrada.es tickets to many events in Malaga and the entire Costa del Sol, as well as tickets to the ALHAMBRA in Granada. Save is fine, but it is not enough or at least that is what we have believed, that is why at BagsCare we strive every day to have more and better services so that people who visit Malaga are comfortable and safe and can talk about we positively when they return to their cities of origin. We want to grow day by day as a company and for that we must listen to our clients in all those things that they request and for this we must find ourselves here and not be a business “without people”, a simple box office.


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