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Suitcases, station, airport, consignment, Malaga

Suitcases, station, airport, consignment, Málaga.

They are just words but they largely define the trip. We have always traveled, we have always explored new lands where to establish ourselves to achieve a better quality of life, look for new resources.

People from all over the world come to Malaga and come by plane, by boat, by train or even by bicycle or on foot, as we say around here “there are people for everything”.

Malaga originally Phoenician city is accustomed to receive people since the beginning of time, that is why we live here a mixture of races that makes Malaga multicultural and rich, very rich.

Many of the people that have come to Malaga (I include myself naturally) have decided to stay here and in my case I am very happy to have done so because here I have found friends and I have formed my family. We all arrive with our suitcases from different parts and different ways but we all end up here, in this wonderful land that welcomes us with open arms and with this ideal climate.

When we plan a trip we look for both quality and an affordable price that we can afford, this is why so many people travel to Malaga because it has a very good quality at a very good price and this naturally does not displease anyone.

The Luggage Storage of Suitcases is a new business because of the demand that currently exists, here at BagsCare Luggage Storage we think it is necessary to take care of luggage and provide other services related to the needs of travelers, that is why those who come to leave their Suitcase in our Agency will be surprised by the amount of services we offer.

I encourage you to visit us, from € 2 you can leave your suitcase here and we are also an information point so you can enjoy Malaga.


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