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Summer, time to travel and share experiences

Summer, is the time of year that we have to travel and share new experiences with friends and family. Summer is time for leisure, enjoyment, beach and mountain. In summer people travel and know new cultures and landscapes, it’s time to forget the routine and have free time to do what we want, get up and go to bed at the time we want, have fun and enjoy. Summer, that moment that you want to ride a bicycle, swim in the sea and sunbathe, summer, what a great moment !.

In Malaga we are used to being visited by many people, but it is the summer when we have the most influx of tourists due to our wonderful beach and especially our people, who welcome them and make them come back year after year. We at BagsCare look forward to this time of the year with impatience as the time when you are most busy due to the increase in travelers. We are ready to receive them because we have created a series of services that we believe can cover all your needs. We are dedicated to caring for luggage, renting bicycles, making transfers to the airport, washing and drying clothes, we also have other services, we weigh and plasticize suitcases, we print boarding passes, we recharge cards of all the telephones of the world, in short, we try to have all the services that a traveler can demand. Summer is the time when we have the most work, it is time to find out if we are prepared and for that we work. Each month we try to improve and for that we ask our clients to tell us what they need, what we do well and what we can improve. For that we let them leave their opinion in Google My Business whenever we have the opportunity and we just need to do it in order to improve every day.

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