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Tapas: ideal excuse to spend time with friends

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The tapas are the most typical of our cuisine

Tapas in the center and south of our peninsula and “pinchos” in the north are what best represent our varied gastronomy. The tapas consist of dishes of different types of food, meat, fish, stews, buns, etc … That they serve us in the bars when we drink a beer, a wine, a soft drink, in short any type of drink of our liking, sometimes free, sometimes paying a small price and what we get is that we eat a little of everything and share a good time with friends or family. In Malaga there are many places where we can have tapas, one of them is the Mesón Mariano, it is located in the Historic Center of Malaga in Calle Granados and it is a place to take some tapas as well as to sit down at the table and enjoy a good variety of dishes as well as some great wines.

Why is it called Tapa?

It is called tapa because before when you put the glass of wine you “tapaban” (from the verb Tapar , Cover in english) with a piece of bread accompanied by any type of food. Also, if we want to eat, try the typical wines of Malaga, we can go to the Pimpi where you can taste all kinds of wines from our land and accompany them with dishes from our cuisine. In Malaga due to our excellent weather we spent a lot of time on the street and that made us have the habit of having a drink with friends and friends at noon and when the afternoon ends. The streets and squares are full of people in bars and terraces drinking, eating and, above all, talking and commenting on all the things that come to mind, generating a pleasant and fun atmosphere. All around a good glass of wine or beer and a good tapa. For you who are not from Málaga I can tell you that it is best to leave your luggage at BagsCare and go out on the streets during those last moments of your visit to enjoy a good tapa accompanied by your friends.

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