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The magic has begun, just days ago!

Arbol encantado

So is! Traveler friend, not all are the street lights Larios and the nativity scenes of Malaga, there is a lot of magic to be found on the Costa del Sol, and today, we leave you some clues.

In the main Alameda we can find a tree, whose work it hides behind, is already magical.

Work that dozens of people have dedicated to leave us all this beautiful moment, which we recommend to see after the “enchanted forest” and that will excite both large and small.

The schedules are contiguous to those of the forest: 19.15, 21.00 and 22.15. The best to spend an entire afternoon and see such lovely places.

This spellbound ficus will show us a projection of a Christmas story with image and sound, and some 3D surprise. We leave you the synopsis made by the ” Fireflyevents ” about the show:

“In the  Main Mall , silent among the murmur of the streets, inhabits a giant. A giant who loves to scare butterflies.

His growl is as impressive as its size but nothing in his heart lives, not even joy. Its presence does not attract anyone’s attention , after almost 200 years and despite its 30 meters wide. He doesn’t have a single friend.

But  a small crepite light between its leaves , she is tiny in size but with a huge courage. This little friend embarks on an original and dangerous crusade to return the lost splendor to the giant but is so anxious that it almost causes a disaster. Can our giant battered man finally recover?


We encourage you to once again visit Malaga and after leaving your luggage safely ask us where to find the magic that surrounds the streets of the city. As these dates are so specially indicated for travel, we advise you to book us through the reservation form and thus be sure to have your password for when you arrive.

Have you already visited the magical places of Malaga? What do you think of the bewitched ficus and his adventure?


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