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Time of Málaga

Tiempo de Málaga


We are at the beginning of April and you can see people on the beach of Misericordia enjoying the city, its time, its beach. On this occasion we focus on a group of young people who play beach volleyball with music and a lot of progress. On the waterfront, more and more people are running, more bicycles, skates, and electric scooters.

The sand of Mercy Beach has improved in recent months, the sun some days decides to visit the city in its most radiant and people appreciate it. The promenade of La Misericordia is positioned as one of the best places to enjoy the city of Malaga. At this time of year or any other, you can take a walk, have a drink in restaurants or similar places, and above all, enjoy the beach in all its facets. It is logical that many people have decided to use their apartments in the area to tourist apartments so that people from all over the world can also enjoy this wonderful city.

Because of the growing supply of tourist apartments, Malaga has managed to break records of visitors and demand for new services for tourism.


The services that tourists count are getting better and more varied. From renting bicycles to international ATMs (that we offer in bagscare ) to be able to have your money in this city, and the luggage? Nor is there any problem. The companies that choose to offer this service every time we work more and better to make it easier to move around the center of Malaga with total freedom  and throughout the city, in areas like this where at this time you want to go light clothing.

It’s Malaga time, it’s been a long time, stay tuned because we’ll bring you more reasons to stay in this city, where more than 1.3 million tourists want to live every year.

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