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Tourist information service by bicycle

Touris information bike

We have already talked about many interesting points that Malaga has to be able to explore when we are on vacation.

One of our most demanded services is to be able to walk through the historical center by bicycle, also, along the promenade of La Malagueta and to be able to go down to the baths of Carmen, where you can recover your strength taking a refreshing drink with some of the best views of the coast. of the sun.

Well today we bring you something very interesting by the City of Malaga. We are talking about a tourist information point by bicycle In which we can benefit from many advantages: from making a daily cycle route through the Historic Center and the Litoral to Pier One, to have him at the moment for those tourists who be a little disoriented.

It will be available in several languages, since the most frequent bicycle visits are still from the United Kingdom, France and Germany, among others.

Also stay tuned because it will also have a museum offer and the agenda of the most important events in Malaga such as the August fair, Holy Week, etc.

If you still do not know of its existence you can get more information by clicking on this link Tourist information service , or, as always, following the “I” in the street of the city, which points to the tourist information points.

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