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Zambrano, a plastic artist who takes care of suitcases

Zambrano is a self-taught artist who now takes care of bags at BagsCare Luggage Storage.

This man was born in San Sebastian and has always believed that life is short but wide, in this sense he has always liked to experiment. Tato Zambrano is bored of almost everything and has always been a person who has liked to pursue challenges and not point to anything in particular for a long time. In sculpture Zambrano is figurative and in abstract painting he thinks that sculpture is the form and painting the background.

But to create you have to be charged and that takes time, you need waiting processes and then you can express everything you’ve experienced, those processes can be of little or long time depending on the circumstances. It is what is called “a weathervane”, a person who goes from here to there like a sailboat taking advantage of the currents and the wind. Zambrano always thought that in life you have to be patient and that time should be diversified in different actions so as not to fall into monotony. This patience is not real in the short term but in waiting for things to flow and does not make things reasoning too much but by pure intuition, as an adventure. Zambrano is not an easy person, but he can be trusted, he does not know how to lie and he is seen coming. In his sculptural work of recent years what he likes to reflect is the intimacy of his characters and not his social life. As for the painting, he has left the brushes and has dedicated himself to painting with the photoshop and he does not stop making landscapes with the sea in the background, the sailboat that reflects the spirit “weathervane” and the cypress that represents the ingrained, this not Zambrano likes it because a tree does not move and there is nothing that our character likes more than moving constantly.

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